Photography Project

Do you have photos of kea that you would like to share? Selected photos will be displayed on this website and, with permission, may be included in promotional materials to benefit kea research and conservation. The photo must be your original work. Email questions and entries to .

photo by Cindy Usrey

photo by Cindy Usrey

photo by Cindy Usrey

photo by Cindy Usrey

Enrichment Item Design Project

If you have visited with the kea at the Cincinnati Zoo, then you know how important it is to provide them with enrichment opportunities. A bored kea is an unhappy, mischievous and destructive kea! Coming up with new and interesting ways to keep them intellectually stimulated can be challenging. When creating enrichment items for kea, the keepers must think, "Would this item be safe for a preschooler who is proficient with a Swiss-Army knife?!"

Do you have an original idea for a puzzle or enrichment item the kea may safely enjoy? Selected projects will be displayed on this website and may be used to enhance the lives of the kea at the Cincinnati Zoo. Ideally, items should make use of recycled materials and be smaller than 2 ft. Email questions and entries to .

A wonderful inquiry-based lesson plan on this subject created by Rachel Arnold can be viewed at .

Examples of appropriate enrichment ideas can be found at:

Auckland Zoo Kea Behavioural Enrichment Manual

Kea Conservation Trust .

University of Vienna Kea Lab

The Royal Society of New Zealand BP Challenge - Hamilton Zoo

Video: Instinct or Intelligence?

Sample:  Sally with Rocking Labyrinth Puzzle. Photo by Jackie Bray

Projects Created By Boone County High School Students - Spring 2011
Students in the Engineering Applications class taught by Rose Bradley at Boone County High School designed and built enrichment puzzles for the kea as part of a class assignment in May 2011. The keepers and I were amazed at their creations and the kea were very impressed too! Thanks to all who participated!

Take Action!
If you would like additional information about how you can take action to save kea, visit the links to my favorite charitable organizations.  If you decide to financially support any of the non-profit organizations listed here, please consider writing "Incredible Kea" in the memo line of your check. Thank you!

Cincinnati Zoo                      
Kea Conservation Trust        
Feather Link, Inc.                  

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