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Do you have experience working with kea? Have you studied this species? Do you have resources you can share that can benefit kea in the wild and in captivity? Do you have ideas that can improve advocacy efforts? Do you have ideas that can improve captive breeding success?

This page will provide a place where kea caregivers and advocates can share their knowledge and experience. We will highlight the innovative work of our colleagues and share best practices with our professional community.  Send your ideas and resources to .

Kea Husbandry Manual
by Tamsin Orr-Walker - Kea Conservation Trust

Kea Enrichment Manual
by Todd Jenkinson / Melanie Friedman, Updated by Michelle Whybrow - Auckland Zoo

Kea Enrichment Puzzles
by Dave Croucher - Hamilton Zoo, The Royal Society of New Zealand - BP Challenge

One of the Nest Box Setups at Cincinnati Zoo

Callie and Jack with their nestbox. photo by Kim Klosterman.

Video of Kea Chicks in the UK

The wonderful staff at Paradise Park in Hayle, Cornwall UK have a lot of experience hand raising kea chicks.  They have graciously provided valuable resources and advice to us here at the Cincinnati Zoo since our kea are laying eggs like there's no tomorrow! We are very hopeful we will have our own cute kea chick video to post soon!